In my food posts I will review each recipe/restaurant with the following criteria rated out of 10: Flavour, texture, Cooking time (In the case of restaurants or takeaways I will replace this with delivery time) and value.

Dons Tacos: Flavour – (9), Texture (9), delivery time (10), value (7- slightly more for a student budget like mine – but worth it)

It seems appropriate that my first blog post be about my new found favourite food… tacos! On a random Sunday whilst aimlessly scrolling through UberEats I stumbled upon Dons Tacos. After apprehensively clicking on the page, expecting another disappointing, meagre looking takeaway, I was overwhelmed to see the multitude of options available. I instantly decided to order and was in no way disappointed! Don’s boasted an extravagant selection of ‘trendy’ Mexican style food, including the infamous ‘Birria Tacos’. I was immediately obsessed. Don’s also have a large range of vegetarian options; I was able to select whether I wanted a burrito, tacos, or nachos, and the rest was left to ‘Don’.

Feast your eyes upon the blessing that is… ‘The’ Birria Taco

The pictures above do not even do ‘Don’ justice. The flavour was perfect, I began to picture myself on a Mexican beach under the sun, a margarita in the other hand, (the complete opposite of my student living room with its tattered sofas). My boyfriend and I demolished both our orders and a sharing portion of nachos in a worryingly short amount of time, but were left completely satisfied.

Don’s Taco’s are a must if you’re in Manchester. Located on Wilmslow Road surrounded by other various takeaway shops, they’re a standout gem. If you’re still not convinced by the pictures alone then let me embarrassingly convince you- since finding Don’s Tacos myself and my housemates have ordered an ungoldy amount, including on my birthday for tea! (Yes, they’re that good). They’re an absolute delight and entirely worth the slightly-above-average-UberEats-price-point. Overall, ORDER DONS TACOS.

3 thoughts on “Authentic Mexican food…in Manchester? (I’m just as surprised)

  1. When I lived in London, there was a good Mexican ‘street food’ restaurant in Covent Garden called ‘Wahaca. It was very popular.
    Many thanks for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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