Hello! My name is Evie Clyne. I’ve started this blog to write about my time as a student at The University of Manchester. After harassing my parents and friends with pictures of food I had made whilst at University and critiques of books I had read, at their advice (and annoyance), I’ve started this blog!

I study American Studies (I’m aware it wont get me a job), which is essentially American history, literature and culture. Whilst studying and writing essays I found a particular interest in literature, culture and film. I used to love to read when I was younger, but outside of Uni assessments and essays I’ve found I don’t read as much anymore. I hope to use this blog to encourage my interest in reading and writing.

Whilst being in Manchester, I’ve also found that I really enjoy cooking and student life.

Through this blog, I hope to detail my life as a student in Manchester and the books I love to read. Enjoy!